Introduction Beach House

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How to setup the Beach House?

1 – Rez the ::: FG Underground ::: Beach House REZZBOX. Put it in the general area where you want your build to be.

2 – Say /31rez. The rezzer will rez each of the objects comprising the ::: FG Underground ::: Beach House, and they’ll move to their appropriate positions.

3 – Move and rotate the rezzer to position your build. It may take up to 1 second for the pieces to set their new positions and rotations after moving the rezzer. If you just can’t get it right and give up, say /31abort to make all the child scripts delete the objects they’re in.

4 – Once your build is where you want it, say /31cleanup. The child scripts will delete themselves, remove the position/rotation information from their object descriptions, and remove the ” [PackMe]” tag from their object names.

Note: NEVER delete the object ::: FG Underground ::: Beach House REZZBOX from your INVENTORY. The ::: FG Underground ::: Beach House is copy.

If you need help, pls feel free to contact me.

>>> Fanny Finney <<<

FG Underground Beach House

FG Underground Beach House

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